Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dead Minds Graffiti Attack

Our church building sits in downtown Rock Hill and is surrounded by other churches. We are on the corner of what might be called Episcopal, Presbyterian (ARP), and Methodist. Our next door neighbor was Baptist but currently is non-denominational. One or another of our church walls have been marked with graffiti over the years. This past week, the graffiti got personal. "Dead Minds" was spray painted on one of the walls. The police are investigating this and other graffiti hits this week as reported in our local paper, The Herald.

"Dead Minds" sounds like an appropriate name for a graffiti "artist," but a quick Google search could not pinpoint a local using that moniker.

I found a band in N.J.' s Facebook page. I wonder if there are any fans in Rock Hill?

I found another band called "Thrice" that had a song called "A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds" a few years back from their appropriately titled "The Illusion of Safety" album. The lyrics are a bit strange, but the "dead minds" quotation comes from this stanza,

"love everywhere,
exploding, maims and blinds,
a living dance upon dead minds,
love everywhere,
exploding, maims and blinds,
a living dance upon dead minds"
Thrice - A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds

I don't remember them touring Rock Hill lately, but maybe a deranged fan is at large in our fair city.

Turn on the Bat-Signal Commissioner Gordon! Or in the case of Rock Hill, Commish Glen the Frog!

I can't help but wonder if this was just another random act of graffiti, or was it a premeditated attack with a hidden message for those of us seeking the sanctuary of our overactive minds? 

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