Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If Your Bishop Preaches This, RUN

h/t American Anglican Council An Episcopal church in Ohio broke away and Ohio's Bishop Mark Hollingsworth is totally clueless. (Source:

"When they talk about Jesus, it's not the same Jesus I talk about," said the Rev. Gene Sherman, pastor of the 250-member breakaway congregation from St. Barnabas.

"They say Jesus is a way to salvation. I say Jesus is the way to salvation."

In response, Ohio Episcopal Bishop Mark Hollingsworth said in a prepared statement that Episcopalians believe Jesus is the way to salvation, but he added that "there is a range of understanding as to whether Jesus is the only way to salvation."

"In our belief that God is generous . . . many of us suspect that in striving for intimacy with all human beings, God can achieve it through varying faith experiences and traditions," he said.

Pure pluralistic unchristian garbage.

After such a demonstration of theological genius, what will this clueless bishop do with an empty church building?
...Before the exodus, the congregation had changed the name to St. Barnabas Anglican Church. The diocese has changed the name back to its original St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, which was established in 1950.

Its interim pastor is the Rev. Alan James, a member of Bishop Hollingsworth's staff.

"We're looking for a person skilled at growing churches," said James.

A person with church growth skills? In the Episcopal church there ain't no such animal. Let's see, in the past 10 years the Diocese of Ohio has lost 10,000 members.

ASA has dropped from about 12,000 to 8,000.

If they have not been able to find anybody who can grow the poisonous Episcopal seed in the past 10 years, what are Bishop Hollingsworth's chances of finding the guy/gal/transgendered person now?


  1. I read these things and wonder, "why bother with Christianity in the first place, then?" If it's all about God's mercy and multiple, non-exclusive ways to avoid His judgment, then let's all play golf on Sunday, worshiping at the church of "St. Arnold Palmer."


  2. Randall,

    Correct! The Bishop's approach is exactly why you can find a lot of his flock at the church of St. Palmer on Sundays.

  3. Sure there are people who can grow churches in TEC. The Diocese of South Carolina has many. Now, I doubt they will be calling anyone down here as they would be getting someone truly skilled in church growth.

  4. Yeah Alexi,

    It is a safe bet that there weren't any names from DSC on our parish's list of candidates for rector here in DUSC.