Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Oops, Episcopal Blue Book Typo: "Christien" Formation and Education

                         (Not this book but you gotta dig the picture)

I am one of those people that folks on committees hate to see when their hard work is being presented for a vote. I may not be a very good writer, but I have an eye for typographical errors in the work of others. Always the critic, I usually slow everybody down by asking that the typos be corrected before they are approved.

Browsing through Le Livre Bleu the other day, I chanced upon the work of the Standing Commission on Lifelong Christian Formation and Education. It looks like they need a little education and formation themselves unless their goal is, as some suspect, to transform the Faith into something that other Christians might not recognize.

You see, on pages 151-161 the headings read,"Standing Commission on Lifelong Christien Formation and Education."


More on the significance of the substance of their recommendations later, but if they can't even get "Christian"  right, can you trust their recommendations on lifelong Christian formation and education? 

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  1. I could live with the typos, if the theology is sound. Somehow, though, I think you'll direct us to some blunders in that department, as well.