Sunday, June 24, 2012

Survey Time in DUSC

I am not sure why the bishop made us fill out a survey today in place of hearing a sermon, or at least that was the plan. Since there was a Baptism today, our priest cheated and gave a brief homily before having us sit down to work on what turned out to be a 60 question survey asking about such things ranging from how we interpret the Bible to how active we as a congregation or as individuals are in social justice issues (no there was no definition of "social justice," but I think that means feeding the "Occupy" protestors or marching in "Pride" events). There was even a question on your interactions with elected officials and another one on if you voted in the 2008 Presidential election.

There was a question on if you believe that all religions are equally good at connecting you with God, and a question on whether or not Jesus was the only way to the Father.

And at the end we were asked to rate ourselves on a theological scale from "very conservative" down to... well, I didn't have to read any of the other choices.

Given the current make up of the Episcopal church, I think you can guess what the results will show.

The question is, what will the bishop do with the results?

How will this help to guide him in his "strategic visioning" process?

I hope he doesn't try too hard to make his strategic plan fit the desires of the people.

The only resource he really needs for strategic visioning should already have a prominent place on his desk.

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  1. Why should this survey have any influence or validity when the last diocesan-wide survey, preceding the search for a new bishop, was totally ignored?