Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Concealed Carry Classes at Local Church Fully Booked

The following story was on our local TV news broadcast tonight. The local "pistol packing pastor" of Tri-city Baptist Church in Conover was on the news talking about an interesting Christian Education/Faith Formation class they were offering.
"A Conover church is standing by its decision to offer a concealed weapons permit class. Classes begin in March, and so far the response has been overwhelming. The announcement was made on the church bulletin several weeks ago, and to date, 58 men and 52 women have signed up for the class which is limited to 40."
“This is not a publicity stunt,” says Senior Pastor Dr. Ruffin Snow. “Our church’s purpose is not to arm people except with the gospel...
..."It's not a matter of whether I love my neighbor, but that doesn't mean we are not to protect our families, so I don't see any contradiction whatsoever.” See the full story by BORA KIM / NBC Charlotte at CNBC Charlotte.
For some reason I don't think anyone will be seeing concealed weapons classes being sponsored by their local Episcopal church...ever.

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  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    If you're bringing a gun to church, you're doing it wrong.