Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Differentiated Gender Techniques?

Everybody gets unsolicited e-mail, and when I get it, it is usually automatically sent to the "Spam" folder. This one (which I present to you below) came in the other day from an undisclosed source and somehow avoided detection by my spam filter. It speaks volumes to where we are as a people as regards our sense of identity (and our problems with grammar). We are so concerned with our outward appearances that we fail to see the changes that such concerns are creating  within us. It is a reflection of our desire to control our bodies and to claim ownership of this temporal form which I suggest might also be a reflection of our desire to control God. When I hear someone claim that they feel trapped in their body, or that the gender that they were physically given is not their "gender identity," I start to wonder where such thoughts will eventually lead. Perhaps it is what leads to the never ending quest for perfection, shape changing, or body mutilation, the futile attempt of which undoubtedly affects the underlying spiritual self.

As you read the following flyer for an upcoming "medical" conference, please note the concluding invitation "to learn, network and establish fellowship with the best of breeds". I guess that means that neither you nor I would be welcome.

A High Impact Event by AAAM International
At Gender Aesthetic Medicine Congress Asia 2013 The aesthetic world’s most sought after masters will be sharing with you their expertise in female and male aesthetic procedures’ tricks and techniques
Let Prof Dr Pierrre Fournier World Renowned Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, Godfather of Thread from Franceshow you the sightseeing tour of the face and neck. Immerse in his famous lecture on Semiology of the Human Beauty. And that’s not it, Prof Dr Fournier will be teaching fellow delegates How to enhance the forehead WITHOUT using botulinum toxin.
Dr Alfredo Hoyos, inventor of Vaser Hi-Definition for Liposculpture from Columbia will show you The Do’s and Don’ts for Liposuction in Women and Men
Learn about Autologous Fat Transfer for Facial, breast and butt enhancement from world famousDr Giovanni Botti, Plastic Surgeon, Villa Bella Clinic, Italy
Dr Alessio Redaelli, Board Editor of Journal of Clinical Dermatology – San Lucas Medical, European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology from Italy will demonstrate how to accentuate eyebrow in Asian women to achieve a sexy arched look + how to raise a droopy eyebrow in Asian men to create an open and alert expression.
A popular procedure for the Asian Women: Redefining masseters will be taught by Prof. ZoeDraelos, Dermatologist and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology; Board Advisor, Nu Skin of the USA
Don’t miss out special session on Unique ethnic consideration in hair restoration for Women & Men inHong Kong’s Leading Hair Transplantation Surgeon, Dr Bertram Ng’s lecture
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Sign yourself up and bring a colleague. No other conferences bring in iconic speakers in one event like we do. Because as American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, we are responsible for educating doctors what’s the best and latest technique out there.Register NOW so you can be involved at this gathering of great minds & world renowned experts!
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We would like to invite you to learn, network and establish fellowship with the best of breeds.

I sure hope my spam filter catches the flyer for "Undifferentiated Gender Techniques" before it hits my inbox.

Addendum: Nope, the Spam filter failed again. I just got an updated flyer, and some of the grammar has been corrected, and more speakers have been listed. I for one can't wait to hear about,

Dr Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha

Get the Passports up to date and sign me up!


  1. Best of breeds? Hitler would have loved them.

  2. Best of breed? That is an award at a cat show, right? Best of Breed Russian Blue? Sigh. I don't understand in this context. Oh well. hopelessly old fashioned ......and female to boot!

    SC Blu Cat Lady

    1. These surgeons can probably fix that for you Alexi.