Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five Dollars and a Tank of Gas

There is an old saying around this part of South Carolina to explain why West Virginians seem to move here, and it goes something like this,
"That's about as far as you can git with five dollars and a tank of gas."
Before I get any angry comments, let me assure you that I'm just reporting what ex-West Virginians tell me.

The implication of the saying is that there were no jobs in West Virginia, the immigrants were poor or on the run, and that maybe West Virginia might not be the best place to settle if one were to consider reverse migration.

Traditionalist Episcopalians in Upper South Carolina might be labelled with a similar saying if they seek refuge in the lower half of the state (DSC) from Bishop Waldo's march towards the approval of same sex blessings in his diocese (EDUSC).

I can hear it now,
"Good riddance, that's about as far as they needed to get with a Bible and a tank of traditionalism." 
Until the Diocese of South Carolina starts planting missions here in Upper South Carolina, most of us will have to rely on a hundred dollars and a tank of gas to travel to the Holy City of Charleston once a year to recharge our batteries at the Mere Anglicanism conference which this year was on "Science, Faith, and Apologetics." A record number of attendees (photo album here) came from as far as Canada and California to worship and to hear the following speakers and their topics,

  • Dr. C. John “Jack” Collins “How Majestic Is Your Name in All the Earth!” and “Get Ready to Meet God!”
  • Professor John C. Lennox “God and Stephen Hawking: Much Ado about Nothing?” Professor Alvin Carl Plantinga “Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies” 
  • Dr. Stephen C. Meyer “Darwin’s Doubt” 
  • Dr. Denis Alexander “Human Evolution, Adam and Eve” 
  • Professor Michael J. Behe “The Edge of Evolution”
  • Dr. C. John “Jack” Collins 
  • Professor Peter John Kreeft “C.S. Lewis and Scientism”
  • Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali “Catching Up: Science and Christian Moral Thinking”
  • Professor John C. Lennox “Engaging with the Culture: The Challenge of Science, Faith and Christian Apologetics”
(The Anglican Curmudgeon's report can be found here)

Sadly, representation from the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina was virtually non-existent. It is almost as if there is an iron curtain dividing the state in half. Not that Bishop Waldo has ordered his clergy to not have anything to do with the Diocese of South Carolina, but there is the very real threat of being defrocked if they dare to teach, preach, or otherwise share the Gospel of Christ in one of DSC's churches (yes, this has already happened).

The real reason Upper South Carolinian clergy have erected an Episcopal Wall that they dare not cross is that they fear honest theological discussion, and that they abhor the mission of Mere Anglicanism which is,
 "Mere Anglicanism’s vision is for a reformed, renewed orthodox Anglicanism within North America. We recognize that to achieve a restored and faithful Anglicanism, many battles must be fought, many lessons learned. Seminaries must be re-made with faithful, godly deans and teachers. Orthodox Anglicans must be re-connected with one another and learn to work together strategically and tactically. Dioceses and parishes must develop the right conditions for re-growing believing, discipled Christians—including choosing the leadership of orthodox bishops and priests. Even our publications and media—magazines, websites, journals, curricula, devotional guides, and more—must communicate truth with clarity, beauty, and a passionate Gospel commitment.
Central to all of these efforts are educated, authentically discipled, active Anglicans—both lay and clergy—who are prepared and formed for leadership. And that is Mere Anglicanism’s purpose." (From here)
That language really drives revisionist bishops and clergy up a wall because they understand that they are the polar opposite of what Mere Anglicanism is hoping to produce.

What else could they be afraid of?



  1. Of what are they afraid? How about? "authentically discipled, active Anglicans—both lay and clergy—who are prepared and formed for leadership". If TEC's survival depends on your Pewster principle, I can see why they would be afraid, very afraid of the DSC and Mere Anglicanism. Yes, be afraid, very afraid of "making Biblical Anglicans for a Global Age". Tis truly a radical revolutionary thing among us!

    1. Yes, SC Blu Cat Lady, Reshaped and reformed laity and clergy would be a very dangerous thing to a revisionist establishment.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Wow - I see we are drinking the kool-aid again!

    1. Cooler aid than drinking from Spong or John Hicks my dear anon.