Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Biblephobic Jesus Haters

After three decades of watching the culture war over same-sex marriage, I have decided that name calling, while despicable and unbecoming, is a necessary weapon that traditionalists in the church must learn to wield.

The victors in the last war succeeded in part by jumping on those opposing their views and quickly labelling traditionalists as "homophobes" and/or "haters" even when the argument against same-sex marriage was calm, cool, and scripturally based.  

At present, in the aftermath of the war, expressing the slightest hint of an anti-marriage equality viewpoint is likely to cause one to lose their job, their friends, and their social status.

Nobody likes a homophobic hater.

Traditionalist pewsitters and bloggers in the Episcopal church may want to borrow this strategy when dealing with priests, bishops, and other bloggers who have chosen a false gospel or a revisionist approach to scripture to somehow justify same-sex marriage. These people have rejected the words of Christ on the subject of marriage. 

The minute a revisionist opens his or her mouth and emits the tiniest whiff of same-sex marriage nonsense, pounce upon them and shout it out or type in bold, 


"Biblephobe" is another one you could try, but I think it lacks the emotional impact of "Jesus hater" and don't forget that emotions are what rule the day in the present age.

Although I doubt it will ever come to pass, imagine what would happen if the passive pew-sleepers somehow took ecclesiastical disobedience to heart, and when their Episcopal Bishop who voted for same-sex marriage comes to their parish, and when he/she/it stands to give the sermon, some wacked-out nut job stands up and calls them out as a Jesus hater, and doesn't stop until they have been physically removed from the church.

What if that loon organizes people to picket the Diocesan house, and they are there to march around the entrance when the Bishop arrives for work in the morning? 

And what if they do all this with buckets of smiles and lots of love because they desperately want their bishop to become a Jesus lover?

Nah, it'll never happen.

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