Sunday, December 25, 2016

Broken Toys

Most of us can remember Christmas mornings as a child. It is hard to reproduce in our mature hearts the eager anticipation we felt as we discovered presents under the tree, all those packages waiting to reveal the secrets their colorful paper and ribbons concealed. How happy we were as we tore through the wrappings on Christmas Day and piled our new toys around us.

How long did it take before reality set in and those toys lay forgotten, broken, and discarded in the bottom of the toy box, no longer objects that create joy?

Toys and presents were our misplaced objects of affection. 

Give me a present that won't get broken. Give me something I will never tire of and can love forever. 

God gave us such a gift when he gave Himself in the form of Jesus, a baby, adored at his arrival but broken and discarded at his death. 

This was a present that refused to be discarded. This was a broken toy that rose from the depths of the toy box to present itself renewed, an object of hope, love, reverence, and affection. A brilliantly shiny someone who restores the youthful joy of Christmas to us all. 

Merry Christmas everyone!  


  1. Anonymous6:39 PM

    What a great post. Thank you!

    I hope you enjoyed Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year! My prayers, hopes and wishes go to you, your family and your readers.

    May God continue to bless you all.


    1. Thanks Churchmouse! Merry Christmas season to you and yours!