Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Fetal Remains: New Texas Requirements Under Fire

This story from the Texas Tribune was picked up by the Washington Post and passed along by a Facebook friend,

"The rules will prohibit hospitals, abortion clinics and other health care facilities from disposing of fetal remains in sanitary landfills, allowing only cremation or burial."  
In other words, no more throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Needless to say, this will be hotly contested,
"...lawyers with the Center for Reproductive Rights warned that the proposal 'will almost certainly trigger costly litigation.' While the center did not take immediate legal action, senior staff attorney David Brown on Monday said the rule was 'an unnecessary burden and an intrusion' on a woman's  'personal beliefs.'"
I guess the Center for Reproductive Rights interpretation will argue that a woman has a right to determine how to dispose of "tissue" after it has been removed from her body. If they think that it still belongs to her, maybe it should be bagged up so that she could take it home. Of course the issue is not about the fetal remains at all according to Mr. Brown,
"'These new restrictions reveal the callous indifference that Texas politicians have toward women,' Brown said."
The responses to my friend's post from her pro-abortion friends were shocking. Here are a few examples,
"Insane. Cruel. Wrong. Should be a matter of personal choice."
"They really staggeringly evil."
"Beyond ridiculous"
"4th all gives precedence...start here and you can do so much more..."
"A new low in Texas' hatred of women."
The blindness to the humane treatment of fetal remains is to be expected from these ardent supporters of abortion who have no respect for pre-term humanity.

The ugliest comments can be found at the Washington Post site. Here is one example,
"Turn their rules against them. Turn fetus funerals into parties. Put the little guy in a tiny fetus suit and hat. If they argue, tell them that you don't appreciate having your religious ceremonies disrespected. Then ask them if they want a cup of homemade placenta punch."
This is what we are up against folks.

Dad was right. It is a cold cruel world out there.

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