Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Charlotte North Carolina Schools remove "Jacob's New Dress", but add one that might be just as bad.

Controversies over what is taught in public schools are nothing new. Recently, our liberal neighbors across the border have come under fire for trying to add a pro-transgender children's' book to the first-grade curriculum.

Here's how WSOC reported it,

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - "The Amazon summary for the book 'Jacob's New Dress' describes a story about the unique challenges faced when someone doesn't identify with traditional gender roles.
In the book, Jacob wants to wear a dress to school.
The book was supposed to be part of an anti-bullying lesson for first graders in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools during Child Abuse Prevention Month.
But not everyone was in agreement.
CMS board member Rhonda Lennon said that a concerned teacher spoke up about the book.
That concern made its way to Raleigh and lawmakers contacted the CMS Board of Education, which didn’t know about the book selection.
'Apparently, we were the topic of conversation for most of the General Assembly off and on yesterday,” Lennon said. "I think there are ways that we could have incorporated that kind of communication and that type of a curriculum with our students to make sure people are treating everybody respectfully without really going that far and it just feels like we went too far.'
Lennon said after all the discussion, the book was pulled Tuesday morning."
So, what was put in its place?
"Instead, students will read 'Red: A Crayon's Story,' which is about a red crayon that sees itself as blue."
Which, in my opinion, is just a backdoor way to present the same message that self-identification trumps any external source of characterization. In other words, putting a blue cover on a red crayon or a red cover on a blue crayon is essentially the same as putting a frilly dress on a little boy or a pair of greasy coveralls on a little girl.

"Red: A Crayon's Story" is a favorite of the transgender community. The following is from Gay Star News,
"Red has a bright red label, but he is, in fact, blue.While everyone around him wants him to do ‘red’ things, and draw things like strawberries, Red just ends up all blue. He can’t be red, no matter how hard he tries!Finally, after being given a brand-new perspective, Red discovers what readers have known all along. He’s blue.Red: A Crayon’s Story by Michael Hall can be written in many ways, but especially as a tale to explain transgender people to a young child."
Of course, the LGBT community has their panties/briefs/boxers/thongs in a knot as WSOC reports,
"Chris Sgro, the executive director of Equality NC, responded.
'Every student should have the right to learn from and understand diverse perspectives of the many backgrounds that make up a large school district like CMS,' Sgro said. 'It's sad that some are unwilling to allow students this opportunity and seem to stop at nothing to push their extreme views about LGBTQ people on children at any cost. Let's be very clear, children don't have closed minds, but sadly yet again, adults have proven that they do. The only thing controversial about these books is that it seems some have blown their understanding of the intent of this curriculum way out of proportion. All students deserve to have their experiences represented in the curriculum taught to them, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, ability and class.'"

To WSOC's credit, they balanced the story with an opposing viewpoint,

Tami Fitzgerald, executive director of N.C. Values Coalition added a statement on CMS’s attempt to mandate transgender curriculum.
"As Charlotte's City Council passed an outrageous ordinance last year that made it necessary for the state to correct the mistake with HB2, Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools were working on rolling out a new anti-bullying policy that seeks to indoctrinate students in the school district by normalizing transgender behavior.
"The purpose of our elementary schools is to teach writing, reading and arithmetic, not to encourage boys to wear dresses. CMS is failing our children. In the recent 2016 state academic ratings, 43 of 165 CMS schools achieved overall pass rates below 50 percent and a majority (59 percent) earned a grade of C or below when measuring student proficiency and growth. These lessons found in the book, Jacob’s New Dress and My Princess Boy and other transgender curriculum that are not appropriate for any child whose parents support traditional family values.
There is no question that this attempt by CMS staff to mandated training is nothing more than putting a dress on CMS's Gender Unicorn. We encourage CMS to refocus on their mission of maximizing academic achievement instead of advancing this controversial curriculum."

I always wondered why the gender unicorn was naked and sexless.

Things were so much easier when I was in first grade and we learned how to read using the Dick and Jane books and the most controversial thing was Dick's name.

If they used those books today, I bet someone would change the names,


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    New names? Where's Mohammad?

    1. I see him, but rather than have a fatwa issued against me, I will leave everyone guessing on that one too.

    2. I spotted you, Pewster.

  2. Meanwhile, up here in Raleigh, they're still arguing about HB2, which was passed to repair the mess Charlotte made.

    Talking about "transgender" students in first grade sounds like child abuse to me.

  3. So we seem to have repealed HB2, but all publicly-owned restrooms are still subject to General Assembly decisions, and cities like Charlotte can't do anything different until 2020, when maybe we'll have a different governor. Looks to me like Roy Cooper lost the battle.

    1. The way the unicorns are pulling their hair out this morning, I bet they will try to extend the "economic boycott" of North Carolina until they get their way. Why is it that conservatives always have to accept the compromise while liberals keep fighting?

    2. A number of studies indicate NC tourism is doing fine, aside from the bigoted sports associations (NCAA, ACC). And the law returns us to where we were before Charlotte passed its offensive ordinance, so I'd say this time it's the liberals who lost, based on the whining going on. With more and more states passing laws protective of women and girls in locker rooms and restrooms, the sports associations are going to have fewer places to play, plus, like the NFL, they might really anger their fan base and find fewer people watching anyhow.

  4. Just getting around to reading your blog and I thought it was an April Fool joke. Oh no the blog is dated 03/29