Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turning a Blind Eye: Défense de cracher

Back in high school, my French teacher had a sign over the chalkboard that read "Défense de cracher" which means,

No Spitting!

Monsieur Berard always got a laugh when new students asked him what "Défense de cracher" meant. It was a good icebreaker as many of his students had limited previous exposure to the French language and were probably a bit apprehensive about taking his class. Once the meaning of the sign was revealed, the students could see that our teacher was a good man who we could love and learn from.

This Sunday's Gospel reading from John 9 relates the story of Jesus healing a man who had been blind from birth. Later, after gaining his sight, the man met Jesus, recognized him as Lord, and worshiped him. Jesus' method of spitting on the ground, making some mud, and applying the mud to the man's eyes might make my Ophthalmologist squirm, but the miracle of healing the blind and the theme John uses of removing spiritual blindness should resonate with many in the pews this morning.

Unfortunately, the people who are not in the pews today are the very ones in need of a spit of mud in the eye.

Who will carry the good news to those who choose to not worship the Lord today? Who will tell them that there is a beautiful new life to experience if they simply let Jesus heal them of their blindness?   

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