Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Justin Welby, CJW (Climate Justice Warrior)

The Rebel Priest has an interesting interview with an Indian climatologist who details the errors of  Archbishop Justin Welby's climate change alarmism. Read the interview at The Rebel Priest's pages.

The Rebel Priest adds that the Archbishop is seen as shirking from his duties to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matthew 28:19),
"Archbishop Welby’s 'climate justice' lecture on September 3 at India’s most leftwing seminary was slammed by Indian Christians who saw it as a cop out from the real issue of widespread persecution facing the Indian church under the current Hindu fundamentalist regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and corruption in the Church of South India.
Welby was also lambasted for promoting religious relativism and pluralism by engaging in inter-faith dialogue rather than preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ."
I remember when Justin Welby was considered "evangelical".

If climates change, so can evangelicals I guess. 


  1. Katherine8:33 AM

    I agree with Vijay Jayaraj, whom Jules Gomes interviews at your link. Welby's alarmism is unfounded in fact, based on hysteria, and dangerous to India's poor.

    And, in the face of increased attacks on Indian Christians, Welby fails in his duty to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some "evangelical."

  2. I predict the longer JW is Archbishop, the more liberal he will become.

  3. Katherine8:10 AM

    Leftists call that "growing in office," Fr. Dale. I'd call it shrinking, myself.

  4. At present, he is at best a closet "liberal". At worst he is an evangelical who is afraid to speak.

  5. Katherine11:29 AM

    I agree with you, Pewster, that being a believer who is afraid to speak is worse than being an outright non-believer -- except, of course, that a non-believer shouldn't be Archbishop of Canterbury or anywhere else.