Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Who Needs Lambeth Anyway?

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This week there is a gathering of some of the bishops of the Anglican so-called "Communion" at Lambeth palace in London, and, to put it bluntly, the world does not care. 

Despite modern definitions, "communion" should mean either a coming together in unity or a co-union with union or unity being the root of the word. 

These days there is no unity in Anglicanism. 

It is a classic scandal.

No one wants to admit that schism has occurred. Historians will not even be interested in putting a date on it.

Yet Lambeth, like many curious English traditions, lumbers on, a show with strangely costumed characters in pointy hats milling about oh so politely, engaging in curious rituals, and marching in the odd protest march or two. 

So who needs Lambeth? Not us pewsitters that's for sure.

The purple shirted characters are the only ones who need that stage. Everybody else knows how the show will end. 

Lambeth exists only to feed the actors sense of self-importance.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I think you have summarized the matter well, and as succinctly as it needs to be summarized.

    I take a daily plow-through of the numerous articles on the two main Anglican-oriented news/commentary websites that conservatives view and post comments on. It is all very interesting in a sort of academic sense, but, as I often think in these situations, much like a rearranging of deckchairs.

    1. Our Captain Welby is asking his crew to not abandon ship even though some of them have already put on women's clothing.

  2. Katherine6:32 PM

    The last time, all places Anglican were aflutter with Lambeth news. This time, those of us who have set our faces towards Christ and away from fallible, and failing, institutions, don't care. The Global South bishops who are in attendance are trying to get an endorsement of biblical standards. They point out that adherence to Scripture is even more important than the presenting issue of same-sex intimacy. Good luck to them, but really, this ought to be called an Anglican Association rather than a Communion.

    Those bishops opposed to Scripture and the essential Christian faith might want to consider, as your previous post says, that this night, their souls may be required of them.

    1. An association that we should probably shy away from!

    2. Katherine9:04 AM

      Well, yes, and as my REC parish falls under the ACNA umbrella, I am not formally associated with the Anglican "Communion." However, some of the Global South churches exist in hostile environments, Muslim-majority or other non-Christian countries, where some connection to the Anglican identity is an internal advantage to them. For them, trying yet again to clean up the Communion is important, and for them, I wish them success. I don't expect success, alas.

    3. A comparison of Welby that came to mind was Fred Sanford saying to Lamont, "Some day this will all be yours", as he surveyed his junk yard.