Friday, August 11, 2006

Cato replies to virtueonline link

Cato said...
That article expressed in 10,000 words what I have been saying ever so much more succinctly. The Church was lost 30 years ago. What we are now doing is merely an end game, a tactic meant to delay the ultimate takeover of the Church by the forces of "pagan ignorance" (Landess' phrase). It is a theological and moral guerilla war.

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  1. Bishops of Durham and Winchester to Join Windsor Bishops' Meeting
    in Texas in Sept.

    Source: The Telegraph (London)
    By Jonathan Petre, Religion Correspondent
    August 7, 2006

    Bishops fly to US for summit of Anglican hard-liners

    Two senior Church of England bishops are to attend a summit of leading American conservatives next month as pressure grows for the liberal leadership of the US branch of Anglicanism to be ousted from the worldwide Church.

    The Bishops of Durham and Winchester are flying to the three-day consultation in Texas with the "full blessing" of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, to whom they are advisers.

    The meeting will explore ways to bolster the conservative bloc and may debate the possibility of introducing "flying" primates to oversee dissenting dioceses or appointing a retired bishop to act as a commissary for the archbishop.

    The bishops are also anxious to persuade increasingly impatient hard-liners to stay within a broad-based grouping rather than split away and form a rival province under an evangelical primate from Africa or Asia.

    The news of the trip will be greeted with dismay by liberals, who will see it as further evidence that Dr Williams is preparing to take action against the American Episcopal Church for failing to toe the conservative line on homosexuals that is demanded by the majority of Anglicans.

    Most Anglican leaders believe that the Episcopal Church's General Convention fell short of meeting requests by Dr Williams and his fellow primates, as well as the Windsor report that he initiated, to rein in its liberal tendencies when it met in Columbus, Ohio, in June.

    The archbishop may feel that he has no alternative but to expel the liberal Americans from the worldwide Church by withdrawing their invitations from the 2008 Lambeth Conference