Monday, August 14, 2006

Islam vs. Shinto

Is there a parallel between the Shinto Religion in Japan and Islam? I ask this because of Charlie's sermon that focused on the world's current conflicts and the importance of how we cultivate young minds. I agree that Islam has become corrupted by hatred and a false philosophy. These fallacies are being taught to young minds all over the world. The result of these teachings is a religion of hate instead of one based on love. What can we learn from history? Look at what happened to Shinto in the decades leading up to WWII. Radical religion and government merged creating a generation of young men willing to die in battle for the Emporer and thus gain eternal life. It took horrible firebombings and atomic bombings of the Japanese people for the Emporer himself to declare that he was not divine, and that the teachings his people had been raised on were false. See the link to learn more about the Shinto religion and to read an excerpt of Hirohito's writing on the subject. Will the leaders of radical Islam, ever see the evil falsehood of their teachings? With such a decentralized religion could there ever be a military solution? Could even atomic weapons convince them to renounce the power they hold over the youth of Islam? Is there a solution from Christianity? How do we fight for a Gospel of Love?

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