Wednesday, August 23, 2006

TravelingMercies on the Sunday Sermon

I too enjoyed hearing from our youth and leaders on their mission trip; "hands on Christianity" is a great phrase, and I found myself pondering when was the last time I was able or willing to do that. I was particularly touched, both in the service and in the coffee hour, with their discussion of "Bill," the person who asked for their help, needed their help, but was neither courteous nor appreciative of it. As one of the sweetest of the young people said, hopefully, "You could tell he was appreciative, he just had a hard time showing it." It's one of the most valuable lessons to learn that the needy cannot always show their appreciation, or may even seem hostile as they accept our assistance. Like our young people, we need to keep working with Christian love, even though the objects of our help don't always respond the way we might like them too!

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