Monday, September 18, 2006

Bobby lays down the Law

This Sunday's sermon was a lenghty exposition on the laws and commandments. Father Dunbar drew from so many sources that my head is still spinning. This was a real trip around the Bible. It dovetailed nicely with the rest of the service which had many references to placing God first, and when one does, the Christian life will follow. Could we get a copy of this sermon for posting on the blog?


  1. TravellingMercies12:35 AM

    I was absent from church this past Sunday, but for once I have an excused absence. I like Bobby's sermons---I bet if we asked the church office and Bobby they would both let us put it on the blog so we could read it and kind of sort it out. My suggestions is that Pewster do this, because Cato and I, while wonderful Christian beings, sometimes become overwrought....ok, I will speak for myself here, not Cato!

  2. undergroundpewster8:48 AM

    Fortunately missing Church is not one of the seven deadly sins as long as one checks the Blog and stays caught up that way!

  3. "Overwrought" is my middle name...although lately I've been called a number of things.