Monday, September 25, 2006

God's Child

Mary Kat did a good job reminding me that children in Jesus' time had it rough. Corporal punishment was the rule, as was child labor. Indeed children were pretty low on the pecking order. She brought a whole new perspective on Jesus taking the child and putting it on his lap, demonstrating to his disciples that even the lowest are to be treated as God's most important creatures. And what about the old testament lesson? The Child of God is foretold, as is the scorn of those opposed to him. This highlights one of the problems with radical Islam. Mohammed's fundamental belief is that God cannot have a child, and Jesus can not be His son in a literal sense. To radical Islam, Christianity is therefore heretical and blasphemous. I wish they could see the old testament verses through the eyes of a child. I always thought we were all children of God. Was I wrong?

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