Monday, October 02, 2006

The End of a Winning Streak.

After the immensely controversial Sermon Scoring System was banned from the official Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Web site, sermons have been pretty good. This week I have to bring you the bad news, that there is no way to graphically score the sermon(s) we endured today. I use the plural because I counted at least three separate sermons and ten good stopping places. First we touched on the Lessons, then we traveled to Cange, Haiti, and then we went on to hear about the importance of Baptism with a few anti-football and anti-conservative potshots thrown in. The only good thing to say about this one is that it is over. Ever since this blog was started as a place for comments on the Sunday Sermon, I have been looking for a good way for you the readers to post a score for the sermon. I will use the Tag Board for the score from now on. )-:

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