Monday, September 04, 2006

Why Whine about Wine?

So the city of Rock Hill is not up to permit wine sales on Sunday. Elected officials are afraid to speak out like our rector. Charlie is right when he leads us to the message that Sunday being a day of rest and abstinence is more human tradition than God's law. I guess fundamentalists would not dare lift a finger to help their fellow man on God's day of rest ( not man's day of rest by the way). Jesus got in trouble for "working"on the Sabbath. A waitress friend told me of the time she served a Jewish patron at a Saturday breakfast. He apparently had her tear open his "Sweet and Low" because he considered that to be "work". I guess lifting the glass to the lips was not considered work. This kind of law abiding behavior carried to the extreme would result in a "Bizzaro World" like in the Superman comics (where the rescue workers caused accidents and everything was the opposite of our world). Sunday for most of us is another day of work. Maybe Jesus did break the laws of man so that we might glimpse God's law. So when we throw out the laws of man what are we left with? Where do you get your moral and ethical foundation? Existentialism, secular humanism, moral relativism, the U.S. Constitution, religion? Put your dollar down. Mine says "IN GOD WE TRUST."
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