Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Recommended Reading

When you have the time, digest this view of the state of TEC.
I enjoyed the historical perspective as well as the explanation of TEC's schizophrenic appearing thought processes.


  1. I've been reading Dr. Radner for a number of years and find his commentaries to be uniformly fair and even-tempered. In this case, his use of historical constructs puts the lie to 815's constant hidng behind "polity" when rational, historical or scriptural arguments fail. Presumably, no one has ever considered whether the "polity" in question may be flawed or simply erroneous from its promulgation. A "polity" which proclaims our Anglicanism unless, or until, it no longer suits us, is no polity at all. It's a built-in loophole. A separate, truly Anglican, province in the US would be welcome relief from the charlatans, wizards and prevaricators at 815.

  2. from Stand Firm in Faith:

    After GC 2003, the Executive Council of TEC, independent of either House or the Convention, decided not only to support the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC), but to fund it. The RCRC advocates a supposed “freedom of choice” regarding abortion. By doing this they (TEC) demonstrated their willingness to act without the consensus of General Convention. Interestingly enough, this use of polity is in diametric opposition to the fact pattern used by the House of Bishops to declare themselves powerless to answer the most recent requests of the primates meeting in Dar es Salaam.

    That, my friends, pins the hypocritical whining about “polity” to the wall!

  3. undergroundpewster1:35 PM

    Do funds from our local pledge go to any of this?