Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Born Again

(Ipomoea violacea or Morning Glory)

A kindly soul sent me a link to the Trinity Day sermon by retired Bishop Charles Duvall given at St. John's Episcopal Church in Columbia on 06/07/2009. The link should be good for the next couple of years, but if it should fail, contact their webmaster by clicking here.

If you have never heard Bishop Duvall's wonderful southern accent, you are in for either a real treat or a rude cultural shock.

You may listen to Bishop Duvall's sermon by clicking here. The sermon is 18 minutes in length, and try to listen uninterrupted. I had a long interruption and it would not reload (a Windows Media Player error popped up). I had to go to the St. John's web page and reload it from there!

I love the way he uses the story of Nicodemus to tie his sermon's beginning and ending together. Thank you Bishop Duvall.

Thank you fellow Christian for sending this to restore my spirit and to help me to once again rejoice in the glory of God.

This song came to mind after listening to the sermon. Call me crazy, but I know there is a little Trinitarian truth buried in it somewhere.

"In you love, I have all that
I need for
With your love I have all that
I need for
With our love we have all that
We need for
The Moody Blues "Survival" (Octave)

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  1. Simply awesome. Thank YOU for sharing, UP.

    His focus on the experience of the Triune God has much in common with Orthodox theology and teaching.

    Reminds me once again that if I lived in Lower SC my religious life would have a lot more congruity. The fullness of worship combined with old-fashioned, impassioned preaching... what more could a sojourner want?