Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A DIE-C Acronym

Pre-note: This post was composed before the latest sickening statements came from the new President of the Episcopal Divinity School. I warn you, it is as one commenter said at SF, "sick, sick, SICK, SICK SICK!!!!!" I apologize for merging two apparently disparate threads, but I just cannot, I cannot let it go tonight. For the time being I would ask readers, after they have linked to the above article which I refuse to reprint, for new suggestions for the meaning of the acronym suggested below:

If the Presiding Bishop's plans go through, the Episcopal Church might need to change its name. Once known as ECUSA, then as TEC, I predict we will be called DIE-C or "Decentralized International Episcopal Church." My reasons come from a recent post by Anglicat where she details some of what she learned from the Presiding Bishop of DIE-C's visit to Minnesota.

"During last week's meeting with Minnesota's Episcopal clergy, Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori said she is trying not to use the term 'National Church' any more. She enumerated the offshore members of TEC, including Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Honduras, Ecuador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and six countries in Europe. She mentioned the relocation of ministries formerly centered in New York to regional offices around the country, such as Episcopal Migration Ministries to Florida and Ecumenical Affairs, Stewardship, and Ministry in Daily life to Omaha. 'It seemed important to spread staff around the be more present,' Schori explained."

Perhaps there are unmentioned economic reasons to move staff from New York, but could there be political machinations going on as well?

The argument that it is done "to be more present" should put up a warning flag to those communities about to be invaded by dyed in the wool Politburo members. That may be a "presence" you don't want in your back yard.

As a post script I will add my comment to the SF post on the latest insult the Episcopal Church,

Dear Mr. Wormwood,

I started the day off by remembering the martyrs of Lyons. This has inoculated me against your efforts of today. I will not allow the Katherine Ragsdales of the world to distort the meaning of sainthood or martyrdom. Try something else, I am sure that you will.


This church is beyond DIE-C meaning "Decentralized International Episcopal Church."

Please join with me in prayer.

Lord have mercy upon us. May the souls in the pews awaken to see the open support of murder of the unborn espoused by their Church, and funded by their money. Lord please help open the ears, minds, hearts, and souls of the future priests of the Church to the cries of Your holy innocents. Lord, we admit our powerlessness in swaying the hardened hearts of those in positions of leadership of Your people. Use Your power to change the hearts of those wearing Your collars of ordination so that they might place their whole trust in You. I pray in the memory of the Blessed Mary who bore You in spite of the shame and scorn and "inconvienience," and grant that I pray in the name of Christ our Lord and Redeemer.


  1. "DIE-C": the Decentralized International Episcopal Church."

    Used in expressions such as:

    "to roll the DIE-C": to take a chance on the survival of the Decentralized International Episcopal Church --- as by putting all one's eggs into a litigation basket; also: to take the Decentralized International Episcopal Church for a considerable sum of money, as did Ellen Cooke.

    "to crap out": to "roll the DIE-C" in such a way as to lose the bet on its survival, and to be relegated to what is left of the trust funds.

    "to have DIE-C chances" - to have the same chances of succeeding in one's mission as the Decentralized International Episcopal Church.

    "to cheat with waited DIE-C" - to arrange for a pre-ordained outcome by aligning oneself with the Decentralized International Episcopal Church, which never leaves anything to chance, but which is in such demand that one must wait for it to take one's side. Provided that one is discriminated against, the wait will be minimal.

  2. Anonymous6:42 AM

    When I read this morning of the memorial service in Boston I was incredulous and, yes, sickened. What forces are destroying our church? Matthew 13:28 says, "An enemy hath done this."

  3. After reading the SF article about the new President of EDS, might I suggest "Disgraced International Episcopal Church"? Or, perhaps, "Disgusting International Episcopal Church"?

  4. I also notice that +Tom Shaw and the DioMass are having a celebration of the life of this mass murderer and that Elizabeth Kaeton+ and her EWC crowd are praising him for standing up for women.

    Who is standing up for, and celebrating the short life of, those 60,000 children whom Tiller decided had no right to live?

    And who amongst that apostate crowd will start the ball rolling to get Tiller entered into Lesser Feasts and Fasts?

  5. Eloquent prayer. Amen.

  6. Thanks P, but I knew somebody could top it!

    A.S., good ones, but don't let this distract you from your important analyses of the "DIE-C situation" we as a Church find ourselves in. (Pardon my English).

    Anon, Yes the enemy is alive and well. May I suggest St. Patrick's breastplate as a shield.

    Cato, Good one. How about, "Disgraced In Everyway Church?"

    Chuck, Thanks, and thank you for posting your take on your pastor's sermon.