Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ever Notice How the Holy Spirit Only Turns Left?

From "PRAVDA online"
Episcopalians across the church celebrated the March 17 news that Diocese of Los Angeles Bishop-elect Mary Douglas Glasspool had received the required number of consents from standing committees and bishops with jurisdiction to her ordination and consecration as bishop.
Still others lamented the decision and predicted that the news, announced by the presiding bishop's office, would further strain relationships within the Anglican Communion.

Glasspool was one of two openly gay candidates on the Los Angeles slate but maintained that her sexual orientation was "not an issue" in the election.

Maryland Bishop Eugene Sutton heralded the news as "a great day for the cause of justice and the ministry of reconciliation in the Episcopal Church. I rejoice that a majority of bishops and standing committees have seen in Canon Glasspool what we have experienced in the Diocese of Maryland: that she is an exceptionally gifted pastor, administrator and spiritually centered leader who will prove to be an outstanding member of the House of Bishops."

Sutton said he prays that "the whole church will be open to the Spirit's guidance as we all move forward together in light of this historic event. The time is now for us to remove old barriers of bigotry and exclusion, and recommit ourselves to welcoming all of our brothers and sisters in Christ."

"Today the Episcopal Church said 'Amen' to what the Holy Spirit did in Los Angeles in December when we elected Mary Glasspool," said the Rev. Susan Russell, chair of the Los Angeles Diocesan Program Group on LGBT Ministry and Integrity's immediate past president. "I've never been prouder to be an Episcopalian or a daughter of the Diocese of Los Angeles -- where we are ready to turn this election into an opportunity for evangelism."

I wonder...If the election had been rejected by the bishops and standing committees, would that have been considered an action of the Holy Spirit? I don't think so. If a loud resounding "No" was heard, then the predictable wails of injustice, homophobia, bigotry, racism, or you name it would have been all over the airwaves. I believe that the revisionist left has claimed the Holy Spirit, or what they think is the Holy Spirit, but in actuality is just the echo of their own desires.

If that creates a "Holy Spirit gap," then they can have it. I am not jumping over that divide.

Daddy used to always say, "When lost, never go left." He was right. It seems like you just get more and more lost the further left you go.


  1. "[E]xceptionally . . . spiritually centered?"

    Query, what spirit that might be?

    Cheers, my friend.

  2. I see you do not speak prog. Left means straight ahead, centre means left, right means extreme far right radical wingnuttery.

    I trust you will employ these terms correctly in the future.


  3. Randall,

    Good point, "spiritually centered" is another term Matthew might explain.


    In today's readings 1Corinthians 17:27 came up.

    "If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be only two or at most three, and each in turn; and let one interpret."

    You are wise in the interpretation of tongues.