Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Religagrams (Anagrams)

The problems with anagrams are that,
1. You can get hooked on them, and
2. You are bound to come up with offensive ones.

Of course, any offense is all in the eye of the beholder.

So, if you are easily offended, go no further!

Recently I came across a couple of anagrams that caught my eye. One was,

Episcopal = Pepsi Cola

and the other was,

Presbyterian = Britney Spears

So I went looking around, and I probably went too far. Others from SF

Lambeth indaba = damnable habit.

Lambeth = meth lab

And more from anagrammy,

Various religious anagrams from 1999 by the late Daniel F. Etter (1964 - 2000)

Amish = Am His.

Baptists = It's Pabst!

Pentacostal = Placates not.

Charismatic = Archaic mist

Speaking in tongues = Not genius speaking.

Gnostic = Costing.

Latter-Day Saints = As sanity rattled.

Discordianism = Is manic, sordid

Wiccan religion = Calorie wincing.
[Mar 1999]

I plugged some names into Brendan's anagram generator and came up with some for,

Anglican = A Gin Clan.

Evangelical = Galvanic eel, Angelic veal, Legal cave-in, Calvin eagle.

Latter Day Saints = Lady is sent a tart.

Lutherans = Shan't rule, or Learn thus.

Methodist = I'd test Ohm.

Unitarianism = Arianism unit, A martini in us, In sanitarium.

Roman Catholic = A Catholic Norm, or A harmonic clot.

Greek Orthodox = God he Rex... OK rot.

Buddhism = Dumb dish.

Muslim = *'# $%@# (A Fatwa might be issued on the Anagram generator).

Religagram = Seagram Girl.

UndergroundPewster = Pew rest run under God.

I warned you!


  1. Thank you! I needed a good laugh.

    Especially "meth lab."

  2. Just so you know, no self-respecting St. Louis Baptist would sully his lips and taste buds with Pabst. We only drink Anheuser-Busch products when we're hiding from the preacher in our garage.