Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Diachronic Koinonia and "Local Options" in the Church

2013 will likely bring to many Episcopalians the new tension of living in a church where one parish may bless sin in the form of same sex relationships while a neighboring parish will not deviate from the apostolic faith. We may wind up with same sex blessings as a "local option," and as long as the money keeps rolling in, most Bishops will consider this a "unity" of sorts. Of course, this is a false unity, and a destructive one as the Pope pointed out back in 2008 when he said,

"Too often those who are not Christians, as they observe the splintering of Christian communities, are understandably confused about the Gospel message itself. Fundamental Christian beliefs and practices are sometimes changed within communities by so-called 'prophetic actions' that are based on a hermeneutic not always consonant with the datum of Scripture and Tradition. Communities consequently give up the attempt to act as a unified body, choosing instead to function according to the idea of 'local options'. Somewhere in this process the need for diachronic koinonia – communion with the Church in every age – is lost, just at the time when the world is losing its bearings and needs a persuasive common witness to the saving power of the Gospel" (cf. Rom 1:18-23). 
ADDRESS OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI, St. Joseph's Parish, New York, Friday, 18 April 2008

(H/t James H. at Opinionated Catholic )

Too many local options dilute the Faith and confuse the seeker. The Gospel's clear voice is lost in the din of  the competing messages.

I get the sensus that the Pope is right about those "prophetic actions" too. 

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  1. Reference also his condemnation of the "tyranny of moral relativism." At least, the RC message is clear and consistent.