Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gubernatrix Abominor Me: She Hate Me

A few years back the Carolina Panthers had a running back who sported the nickname, "He Hate Me." At the time the local sportscasters said that he acquired that moniker after he made that comment about his last coach. Another legend says that he wanted "They Hate Me" to be put on his jersey, but there was not enough room for that many letters so "They" (who must have really disliked him) shortened it to "He".

In the aftermath of the Presiding Bishop's recent incursion into our sovereign state (link to article), I was left wondering if her insinuations of tyrant, petty dictator, and wolf in the sheepfold aimed at certain South Carolinians might be worn with honor (given the source).

How do you think Bishop Mark Lawrence would look in new vestments with "She Hate Me" splashed all over it?

Maybe a little Latin look would work? How about "Gubernatrix Abominor Me"?


  1. Anonymous1:54 PM


    You need to leave while you still can.


  2. Thanks Ned, maybe I'll join you in which case your rector will be awfully mad at you!

  3. Pewster, LOL! I bet +Mark Lawrence had a good laugh over your post. I know I did! Thanks for the humor!

  4. ALexi,

    I might have to make another one with a bulls-eye target overlay for the P.B. to use as a dartboard so she can take out her frustrations in a non-verbal way.

  5. LOL! That reminds me what I heard at +Lawrence's consecration back in 2008. He has that bulls-eye on his back ever since. She may already have it hanging in her office. Who knows?