Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zombies, the Next Letter to Add to the Alphabet Soup?

Today's edition of the local rag, The Herald, had this story as frontpage news,
"York County's undead: 'Zombies are people, too'"
I hesitate to use the expression "tongue in cheek" when writing about zombies, but this article tried to do it. I think our local zombie couple did a good job keeping their tongues in their cheeks as the echoes of other's struggles towards full inclusion in society screamed out.
“'They’re making fun of us, actually,' Stalcup said as a group of fake zombies clad in prom dresses walked by."
Don't make fun of those seeking inclusion.

"Although the zombie community once lived in relative obscurity, he said, more and more they’re finding their way of life pushed to the forefront of a national dialogue, one that’s often severely prejudiced against zombies."
They should never have come out of their closets the ground.

“If they just slowed down, we’d show them how we feel,” said Renee Stalcup, who lamented how most people she approaches run away in apparent terror. “Zombies are people, too.”
Once you get to know them, you will be more welcoming.

The discrimination doesn’t make sense, Bonnie Stalcup said, because zombies live simple lives and aren’t any sort of burden to society. “I don’t need to work, and we don’t need much,” she said. “The ditch is a great place to sleep.”
Okay, we have touched all the keywords, prejudice, discrimination, the old "we are just like you"...
They used to be able to live quiet lives, the Stalcup family said. They would just go about their business without attracting much attention.
Yep, they were always amongst us, then they came out of the ground.

What will they want next, a blessing?
“All we need is a hug,” she said.
That hug might just be the first step on the slippery slope my friend.

(Read the full story at The Herald Online)

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