Sunday, April 22, 2007

150 years, will we see 150 more?

It was fun today, what with the guests, the covered dish meal, and a guest preacher in the pulpit. I enjoyed the invocation of Episcopalians past, and present, but I missed the future part. God may know the future, the rest of us have to trust in Him for how it will work out. Or is it up to us to invent the future? I remember reading a biography of Jules Verne entitled "The Man Who Invented the Future." How do Episcopalians shape their future? The AoC is in favor of cautious deliberations. The PB and the Primates (sounds like a BBC Comedy) want action now! The Lord does move in mysterious ways. Let us look up into the depths of the old rafters of the Church of Our Saviour and savor the mystery Rev. Greeley experienced as a child. Invoke the ancient spirits and hear their advice on the current controversies in Episcopaldom. And if you hear their voices, will you listen? Where have you gone Jules Verne?

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