Sunday, April 08, 2007


Is Holy Week too much? Ray Mohrmann on Maundy Thursday suggested we need to wash more feet, Mary Cat on Saturday night was short and sweet, and Charlie on Easter Sunday will take some heat for coming out with "verisimilitude" (although the pronunciation sounded more like "versimilitude"). What I found in all these services was my answer to Mary Cat's question "Why are we here on a Saturday night?" The wrong answer would be that this is Rock Hill, and there was nothing else happening on Saturday night. My answer is that the whole of Lent and Holy Week is about "service." Maybe Episcopalians aren't going to cure Aids, reduce poverty, or be of any help in those Millennium development goals. Maybe we should stick to what we do best, and that is putting on a great service. This is the way we serve the Lord. If we keep at it, we just might find that our life "inside" merges with our daily life "outside," and we will find ourselves seeing and serving Christ in every single human interaction. No, Holy Week is not too much. It's just that too many sermons are too much for me.


  1. While I appreciate having a rector who is highly educated and intellectually well-endowed, the necessity of carrying my Bible, BCP and Roget's to church has become a weighty proposition.

  2. Since they can't seem to get the bulletin to match the service, nor the printed translation to match the spoken Gospel, you will have to bring the KJV, the RSV, the NRSV, maybe more versions (