Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bobby Google?

This day we celebrated the 40th anniversary of Bobby Dunbar's Ordination. I thought Charlie did a great job with the 10:30 sermon when he went into his Fr. Dunbar stories. It is reassuring to know that we can always count on Bobby's wisdom. In fact, when the computer is down, just "Google" him. Why would anybody go into the priesthood in 1967 anyway? In particular, why would anyone in that age be interested in "tradition." Wasn't that a time of rebellion, a time to reject the values of a "failed" elder generation and to "join the revolution?" The best of the past becomes the best for the present when what we value is based on ultimate truth. A simple celebration can only give us a glimpse of you, and this blog cannot do justice to the value in you. You have been a big part of the spiritual development of so many. Today, this lowly pewster saw God's reflection in the faces of the people you have touched these past 40 years. Thank you Bobby for your ministry.

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