Sunday, April 01, 2007

Heaven on Earth

Pardon the irreverent link in the title. Fr. Dunbar served up another masterful sermon. It takes a great mind to delve deeper than the usual read of the story of the 2 criminals on the cross and to explain this so eloquently. He was even able to make the connection with the unexpected consequences of God's love we have been analyzing lately. In fact his sermon hammered home the point (pardon the reference to the passion), and he reminded me to slow down and do a little more Lectio Divina. That was one for the books Bobby!

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  1. Fr. Dunbar is on a roll. Yet again, he has managed to stay with the chosen text, delivering an excellent analysis, while sticking to his outline/bullet points. In so doing, he manages that most extraordinary tour de force, i.e. ending the sermon before the congregation starts to doze.