Monday, May 16, 2011

Inconvenient Lectionary Edits

One of my pet peeves is the habit of the lectionary to cut out certain verses at the strangest times. Today, we had Wisdom 1:16-2:11,2:21-24
as the O.T. reading which left out Wisdom 2:12-20.

I happen to like those verses, and I think they have a prophetic quality that should not go unspoken or unread. These are the words of the mockers,

12 "Let us lie in wait for the righteous man,
because he is inconvenient to us and opposes our actions;
he reproaches us for sins against the law,
and accuses us of sins against our training.
13 He professes to have knowledge of God,
and calls himself a child of the Lord.
14 He became to us a reproof of our thoughts;
15 the very sight of him is a burden to us,
because his manner of life is unlike that of others,
and his ways are strange.
16 We are considered by him as something base,
and he avoids our ways as unclean;
he calls the last end of the righteous happy,
and boasts that God is his father.
17 Let us see if his words are true,
and let us test what will happen at the end of his life;
18 for if the righteous man is God’s child, he will help him,
and will deliver him from the hand of his adversaries.
19 Let us test him with insult and torture,
so that we may find out how gentle he is,
and make trial of his forbearance.
20 Let us condemn him to a shameful death,
for, according to what he says, he will be protected."

Is it because these verses sound more appropriate for Holy Week that they get left on the cutting room floor during the Easter season?

Whatever the reason, they are words that make me shiver. I see how easily we might err and find ourselves condemning the Lord, perhaps not this graphically, but through our disobedience.

There but for the grace of God go I.


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    That's "just" the BCP exclusions. As far as I know, RCL has not published a daily lectionary yet.
    But be prepared...who knows what lurks...

  2. Thanks Rob+. I'll edit that!

  3. What scares me about these verses is the idea that persecution will come to those who purport to be faithful. Query, whether I'm up to Christ's challenge?

  4. Randall,

    I often wondered how I would hold up under torture.

    Then I found myself in a denomination off the tracks.

    See, you just need to change denominations to see if you are up to it.