Friday, May 20, 2011

Muslim call to prayer to ring out at Episcopal Church on "Left Behind Sunday."

In comments to my last post, R. Sherman pointed to this link about an "interfaith service" at St. John’s Parish in Montclair (Diocese of Newark) to be held the day after the predicted "Rapture Saturday" of May 21, 2011.

"Reverend Andrew Butler, Rector of St. John’s parish since September 1, 2010, decided to have this service in order to demonstrate that both Islam and Christianity stem from Abrahamic roots, as well as to dispell negative stereotypes about the Muslim faith."

"During the interfaith service, verses from the Holy Qur’an will complement readings from the Holy Bible, including during Communion, embracing the traditions of both religions."

"The Reverend went on to say, 'We are trying to find ways to blend our community through religion. It’s hard, but we can accomplish it through this organic event and working together through outreach and other ministries of compassion.'”

This seems oddly appropriate for those who find themselves left behind.


  1. I'm just stunned that TEC's hierarchy has not called out this pastor and instituted an immediate excommunication. One wonders whether those faithful of his flock have already left for more spiritually edifying pastures.

  2. Randall,

    In the Episcopal church, this kind of thing earns one a promotion. There was one priest who tried to be both Muslim and Christian and almost got away with it, but did get corrected by a Bishop 1000 miles away who had some sort of jurisdiction.

    I have been working my way through Paul's letters, and it looks like the Church has been and will be prone to fall for false teachings since the get go. Part of our fallen nature I guess.