Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prayers Requested

This week we learned that our assistant priest has taken a position in N.Y. and will be leaving us in August.

Today, during the announcements in church, our Senior Warden informed us that someone had been caught stealing from the church. Hopefully this puts an end to what was an ongoing problem.

Prayers are requested for our church as it seeks a priest in charge, and as we come to grips with the face of our fallen nature in the knowledge of this reported thievery.

Pray also for the accused.


  1. ToilNotSpin10:06 PM

    UP, what a hard time your church is going through! Clergy changes are always difficult, and I am so sorry about the stealing. We had something like that in our parish several years ago and it turned out to be a longtime member, which somehow made it more painful. My prayers are certainly with you, your church, the departing clergy, and yes, of course with the accused.

  2. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Wow, UP.
    You have our prayers.
    I trust there is a group of folks in the parish that can gather and pray regularly for the parish to keep its (their) eyes on Jesus, and for direction from the Holy Spirit.

  3. Prayers you have. I hope the guilty party confesses and repents and that the congregation extends Christian forgiveness in acknowledging all of our individual sins and failure.