Monday, July 31, 2006

Cato checks in

Cato asks, Doesn't the APA recommend locking up schizophrenics for their own good?

Pewster replies, They closed the mental hospitals once medications were invented. Until somebody invents a cure for biblical schizophrenia, Cato might want to reopen the asylums.


  1. Excellent idea! We could call it "Charenton" and permit the inmates to run it. OOPS...such a place already exists at 815 Second Avenue.

  2. Episcopalians Urge Against Diocese Breaking Away
    Source: The Orlando Sentinel
    Date: July 30. 2006
    Author: Mark I. Pinsky

    WINTER PARK -- Concerned about their fracturing denomination, about 150 Central Florida Episcopalians packed the sanctuary of St. Richard's Episcopal Church on Saturday.

    "We take no position on Scripture or theology or morals," said Donna Bott, a leader of a group called Episcopal Voices of Central Florida, which sponsored the meeting. "We are just Episcopalians."


    A brilliant summary of the state of affairs in the Episcopal Church in the US---we're Episcopalians so we don't have a position on Scripture, theology or morals. Everything is relative because we just make it up as we go along. What happened to "Thus saith the LORD"?