Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Episcopal Moron

I was reading a post on another Blog today which suggests there can be no middle of the road in contemporary Church issues. We in the middle are actually the strength of the Church. We play the role of peace advocates between the warring factions. We are pushed around because we do not like the strong polarizing opinion makers shouting at us, and not caring to partake in their arguments is considered either a sign of weakness or a lack of moral commitment.
Years ago there was a comedy song played on Dr. Demento's radio program that bashed "middle of the road" music. The singer used the acronym MOR for middle of the road, and when sung it was pronounced "more." The song went something like this, "I just can't bare with Zepplin or Arrowsmith, Purple and Kiss make me bored...I remember when it was all Tony Bennet, and Tennessee Ernie Ford...Please put some "mor"e on because I am a moron..."(Refrain repeats at the end).
The middle of the road is where most of us morons lie, some more to the right and some more to the left. What seems moronic to me are those who claim that there can be no middle ground. They have been watching too much T.V. (Network news and programming being skewed to the left and FOX being skewed to the right) and buying into what the networks want us to believe is the best way to look at issues and that is through polarizing arguments.
Rush Limbaugh will scoff and scorn me when I stand firmly on the line in the middle (he does not believe in "moderates") and shout " Let our weak and ineffectual arguments be heard!" We argue that we should follow Christ and focus on caring for the sick, the friendless, and the needy, love one another as we have been commanded. Vitriole and venom shall be hushed by peace. Remember the psalmist "Behold, how good and pleasant it is for breathren to dwell together in unity." Psalm 133 verse1.


  1. Well written, friend! Since "moron" is Greek for "fool," if you're an Episcopal moron, maybe you're being the "fool for Christ" that St. Paul tried to be. The center of a tree can be dead long before the outer trunk shows disease, so being the center is not necessarily a good thing. But surely the center of the Church, when it is hewing to Christ the Head, must be a strong place to be. Good luck to all of us as we strive to be in the center, calling those on the far Left or Right into dialogue.

    I read your former entries for the first time. I liked the image of the cathedral of Nevada being the Bellagio: a hilarious thought! But, actually, I think the center of the diocese is in Reno.

  2. Well written comment on what is needed in ECUSA at this moment! That's the kind of moron I want to be, for it bears a resemblance to the "fool for Christ" that St. Paul speaks of.

    This was my first time to read your blog. I laughed at the delightful image of the cathedral of the Diocese of Nevada being the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Alas, the center of that diocese is in Reno, I believe. :-)