Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TravellingMercies Checks in

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There was a cold void in church this past Sunday, and while some of us thought it was a problem with the airconditioning, we now know it was caused by Pewster's absence. We are so glad to see him back that we will not even ask to see what we are sure is a stamped and notarized excuse from person or persons of great importance.Charlie preached an excellent sermon centering mainly on the theme of reconciliation, the position of our Diocese on the General Convention, and Bishop Henderson's comments and contributions. It was not unlike Pewster's "middle of the road" post; Charlie reminded us that could have differing views on various church matters and still remain supportive of and members of the Anglican community. He also reminded us of the Convention's view that we should be giving .07% of our tithings to reducing hunger in Third World countries. This seemed to me to be one of Charlie's best, delivered with eloquence and deep feeling...a time when the congregation could understand what the term "priesthood" is all about.Having said that, please add the filler that you "threatened," Pewster.....we enjoy your posts!

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