Sunday, July 09, 2006

Rev. Mary Catherine Enockson at the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour

Today's sermon was delivered by Rev. Mary Catherine Enockson. She is our new "Curate" as today's bulletin described her duties. Actually, I think this is the first time an ordained woman employed by us has given the sermon. We have had other ordained women in the pulpit, but his is more special. Since this was her first opportunity to speak with us, I was hoping she would do a good job. She did. They gave her the responsibility of talking about the calling of prophesy (as today's lessons demanded). She mixed in a few personal notes, she skillfully avoided Paul's letter concerning the person who had been to the "3rd Heaven" (I guess indirectly she was true to Paul by not tooting her own horn), and kept us interested. She should get good marks on the message board. It left me thinking about my own life's work thus far. We all have our callings, let us prayerfully slow down and ask ourselves, is our calling God's will or our own?


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    A simple question (I think)....

    At her investiture or installation or whatever on 2nd July, Mary Kat was called "Assistant to the Rector". In the bulletin, she is called "curate." What, if anything, is the difference?

  2. I think Charlie may have reached back to the 1911 Encyclopedia for this one. Try this reference: