Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eulogy for The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Message Board

Sadly, The Episcopal Church of Our Saviour Message board will have it’s plug pulled at the end of this month. I am posting this eulogy in hopes of inspiring our readers and members.

I come today not to bury the Message Board, but to praise it. I remember the birth of the board, it was a day of hope and promise. The newborn Our Saviour Message Board was to be a place for folks to continue their Sunday discussions and increase fellowship through the use of computer communications. In the course of it’s short life, the Message Board introduced us to some delightful and some not so delightful on-line personas that we would have never been able to experience in the Lord’s house itself. Who will forget the memorable postings of TravellingMercies, C2G, Artie Anglican, Cato, CindyJT, DonJT, CampfieldL, Episcopalbychoice, JohnHolder, Mturner, Random visitor (most revealing), Sahcssof, LelGreeley, Lindsay, and (modestly) yours truly.
The Board became a House unto itself, a virtual Sunday School for those few brave souls who ventured on-line and into the web of Church life via the internet. The message the board brought was one of human relationships; how they are precious and so delicate. The Board showed us how we might be open and free in our speech and opinions. Perhaps this is the way God wants us to be with each other. Some, who believe in a strict imposing God who wants us to be quiet and follow the rules will disagree. I think the Board’s message is to pray before you type, be open and free, then pray after you type, and love the consequences. For rule benders like me, this is the way of the Board. Thank you Board, Honor and Praise to your Message!

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