Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Schizophrenic Episcopal Church?

In today's sermon we looked at 2 types of Episcopalians. Those who believe in the God of "power and might," the God who can heal the sick and endow power to the prophets, and those christians (I will use the lower case for the word christian to apply to us earthlings since we don't deserve the big "C" yet) who put actions over words and try to go out and do what Christ taught us to do. Charlie's idea that these different forms of worship can exist together in one Church and in individuals seems to me to be another example of what Muslims have accused christians of being (schizophrenic). This is probably more of a split personality syndrome than schizophrenia, but the point is that our religion has a tendency to present contradictions and inconsistencies that can drive some people nuts. Wouldn't it be easier if God wrote done every rule for us to live by in a concise non-controversial book unlike the Bible or the Koran? Thus far, God has not done so, and we are left with these traditions, texts, and we must work it out for ourselves. How inconvenient! Charlie's point is that we can live with opposing views, and that is consistant with the M.O.R. concept presented in previous posts (Episcopal Morons). The fact that we can come together is either to our credit, or we are being held together by that greater "power."

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  1. Doesn't the APA recommend locking up schizophrenics for their own good?